The Leadership Cape Cod program is presented once each year, from January to June. Participants are exposed to community leaders invited to discuss such topics as healthcare, diversity, the environment, Cape Cod economy, the legal system, the arts, Cape Cod government, and education. A key element of the Leadership program is to provide the opportunity to meet with and interact with a cross-section of community leaders, as well as class participants from various walks of life on the Cape. The sessions are held at various locations across Cape Cod in an effort to expose the participants to as many varied geographic areas as possible.




The per student cost to participate in the Leadership Cape Cod program is $995. In addition to the tuition and funds raised from the community, employers of the class participants contribute the time required away from work to complete the Leadership Cape Cod Program. This is recognized as a considerable investment in the community by responsible Cape Cod businesses and agencies.



In addition to the classroom element of the Leadership program, classes are divided into smaller project teams. Each group, functioning as a team, must identify, develop, and complete a Community Oriented Project. The project should be 'community' in nature, and have as its goal to improve the community in some fashion. A requirement of graduation is the final team presentation of their project process and project completion.


Past projects have included the establishment of a community roundtable on domestic violence, a local media access guide, the development of an "After Care" program for probationers of the Barnstable First District Court, the development of a complete public relations campaign for Adult Literacy Awareness, design/ construction a parent pickup/drop off location at Camp Lyndon, and the rehabilitation of the Gingerbread House for the Cape Cod Child Development Center. Learn more...



Graduates include representatives of the business community, service agencies, town government, medical / legal / accounting professionals and retirees from all areas of the Cape. CLI encourages its alumni to become and/or continue active involvement in Community Affairs. The alumni, current participants, and community leaders are tied together through a quarterly CLI newsletter which presents current news items, shares what the current classes are going through, activities of alumni, and other items of community interest.



A long lasting aspect of the Leadership program is the development of networking skills and expansion of existing contacts. Graduates can network with each other, participating Community Leaders, and CLI alumni to facilitate better understanding and resolution of community problems on Cape Cod and the Islands.


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